With over a decade of experience, Dr. Maroon grows social good across the nation.

Her approach allowed staff to move towards a productive conversation about the direction of the organization. Bahiyyah is able to strategically decipher and align different opinions towards a common goal. She made a lasting impression us. Dr. Maroon has the ability to bring together many ideas and create applicable actions.

Dan Faber

United States Tennis Association Foundation

Dr. Maroon was able to help me understand calmness, and that little changes make a big difference when it comes to your health, well being, and state of mind. I’m a full time student, full time mother, and full time corporate employee. My life is constantly busy. Through the the readings, breathing exercises, and visual content provided, I made changes, and those changes have been favorable.

Laiza Solano

Rollins College

Her talk gave me a lot to think about professionally and personally. It was inspirational and a reminder to be positive. The most useful takeaway for me was to understand information within your company and to 100% own it so that you have the knowledge necessary to be successful as an organization.

Andria Cunningham

Nova Southeastern University

Bahiyyah is one of the best facilitator and speakers I have encountered. She is deeply engaging and compelling and kept my attention through several hours of content. She’s a great storyteller, mostly because she speaks from extensive experience. Her commitment to each person in the room—and to the difference each one of us makes—was so evident, and that energy kept everyone in an open, learning space throughout the hours and weeks of our program.

Betsey Scheyer

Crealde School of Art

Dr. Maroon’s presentation was inspirational and thought provoking. It was memorable and useful for our leadership of the Texas AEYC team… Thank you for your great presentation and for your contribution to leadership development that lives on and is producing change with kindness – and laughter, of course!

Earlene Gonzalez

Texas Association for the Education of Young Children

It was an inspirational and informative presentation. I appreciated the emphasis on accountability and the value of open practice, as well how she presented the overall simplicity of optimization practices.

Kyle Johnson

Lighthouse Central Florida.

Bahiyyah is a brilliant story teller and has the right balance of inquisitiveness, forward thinking and strong sense of business realities which are critical to innovation. It was a great experience working with her and I would highly recommend her.

Pradeep Joseph

Intel Corporation

Dr. Maroon has a warm and intelligent style of communication and her skill level is remarkable…Her ability to advocate, guide, interpret and listen was masterful especially with the diverse group.

Mitzi Maxwell

Madcow Theatre

Dr. Maroon gave an outstanding presentation. The most useful takeaways for me in her talk were that leadership is doing the right thing when no one is looking and the importance of genuinely listening to those around you.

Traci Allyn Shur

Broward Health Foundation.